Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Two-gether" - SOLD

This painting is an ode to what was meant to be, but didnt happen. it is an ode to the oneness that 'two-gether' should be, and an ode for the ideal that should continue to be upheld, despite what goes on in the world around us. A wonderful reminder from one of my daughters 'interpreting life' drawings.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Purple and a Personal Challenge

I am gearing up for my application to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit and i have to have photographs of 10 of my works for submission to the jury. i do have about 8 or 9 in the arsenal, but i wanted to get 2 or 3 more done in 8 weeks so i could feel like i had a choice in which ones to submit. i average 4 weeks per painting, so it was going to be a bit of a stretch.

SO, the goal was to get this following painting done it a week. ONE WEEK! the drawing came from my daugthers bed... yes, her BED (naughty little girl :)...) so it invovled removing a large wooden door and taking it down to be photocopied at STAPLES. that was fun. no one even batted an eyelash as i walked in with this 2x6 slab of wood and proceeded to lay it on the copier! truth be told, i was a little disappointed. i would have loved a reaction ;)

as far as the colour inspiration, it was found in a multi pack of swarovski crystals i found at micheal's (green, pink, and iridescent). They are the dots on the dress (about $20 worth of crystal on this painting!). It's unfortunate that you can't really appreciate the full sparkly crystal effect on this painting. But if you click the photo, it should open up a new window with a large version to scrutinize :)... Purple just seemed the perfect background for these. It is a true amethyst colour. for awhile i had this painting hanging in close proximity to a large chunk of amethyst that i have and they looked fantastic side by side.

The day i finished the painting, i displayed it at "evening of class" (fancy dinner thrown annually in thunder bay) and it is on hold for a customer! i will be sad to part with it so soon, but i am glad it may have a home to call its own!

all photos on this site are courtesty of my good friend, lizz busby check out her flicker page.