Wednesday, March 31, 2010

websites and a name change?

although i have arranged a barter with a friend - a painting for a website - i have put something up in the meantime on my own. i used an old version of adobe golive that i have, and i find it pretty simple to use.

if you are interesetd in checking out my website thus far, take a peek at frosticular design.

frosticular design?

oh yes! my business has evolved over the last year, as businesses do. i started out with an emphasis on doing painting of kids pictures on a commission basis. on the side i would find pictures i liked and do my own paintings that i would put up for sale. i found that both endeavours were equally successful. but here's the thing: i found a lot more freedom in doing paintings for my own pleasure and at my own whim (as to colours and patterns etc) then when i working on commissions. i do still enjoy myself while working on commissions, but i feel a bit of pressure to make something that they will like. i mean, i know they have hired me because they like what i do and i should feel complete freedom in creating, but on the other hand i really do want them to like it, so there is often a self imposed pressure. i am hoping with time and experience i will develop stronger confidence in that area.

all that being said, i am moving over to frosticular design with an emphasis on my paintings rather than an emphasis on doing commissions; although i still, most definitely, do commissions. this allows me to expand as well, into some of the areas i, and others, have had for my work like posters, cards, postcards, tshirts, bags and the like. so for now i will focus in this direction and see if it is a success - again looking to do street fairs while also continuing to apply to juried art shows in major cities for larger exposure. the more people that see my stuff, the more likely i will sell my stuff and be able to create even more!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

the unicorn

Here is the original drawing that i received from rahne's mommy. i knew instantly i wanted to keep those great blue hooves, and make the raindrops out of swarovski crystal! and otherwise keep it really simple! i was really happy with the final product :)