Sunday, April 18, 2010

Winners, An art showing and Another Personal Challenge

Friends were holding a fundraiser/music/arts night and i was asked to put my art on display there, a portion of any art sales going towards the trip...

i had a nice collection of paintings to show, but i felt i wanted just one more. i decided this the day before the art show, HA! so, i got to thinking; could i do a painting in one day? i thought about some of the other paintings i had done to date, and i decided that if i did a new variation on "Abraham" in an 18x24 size, i just might pull it off!

i was mulling this over in my brain while my friend and i were out to a couple of stores. we were in winners and the challenge was clinched when i saw this really great pillow they had for sale. the colours were really neat, so i memorized the colours, ditched my friend (sorry) and went home and painted like a maniac. here are the results :)

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