Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Half Man, Half Robot

My son does not really like drawing, but he doesnt really like the fact that i am always painting phoebe's drawings either, so every now and then i get some drawings from him hoping that i'll paint them.

this is a really fun one he made for me when he was in a creative mood. it is half man, half robot. he is also obsessed with mario, and i think he drew some mario clouds up top. which is one of my favourite parts because i really see 'him' in that!

OH! i am really happy that i have moved on to doing my own patterns for the backgrounds of my paintings now. i really like this added element to my process. i have actually always enjoyed creating patterns, doodling and simple designs, so i think this really holds true to being myself in my paintings.

as i was working on this background, i was really keen to use a true teal paired with citrus colours. i like them together. teal is officially my new favourite colour. it had been purple for the past 8 or nine years! i like to think that our colours likes/dislikes goes along with our lives. so now i am in a teal phase of life :)

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  1. What does a green phase of life mean? Is my life moldy? ;-)